Nilesh Singit

Residing in the Maximum city of Bombay, now known as Mumbai, I have dedicated over two and a half decades to championing disability rights and accessibility. Throughout my career, my focus has been on empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting their rights.

My work encompasses several key areas:

Beyond my advocacy work, I hold distinguished roles that include serving as the 

As a passionate advocate for open-source solutions, I champion the use of free and open software to create accessible tools and resources for all. Embracing the GNU/Open Source movement, I am dedicated to leveraging technology for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.

In my leisure time, I find joy in exploring the world of films and series, allowing me to unwind and find inspiration outside of my professional endeavours.

For a more comprehensive understanding of my work and accomplishments, you are welcome to visit my website or request my detailed résumé. Thank you for your interest in my journey of advocacy and empowerment for individuals with disabilities.